Interview to Lorenzo

Who gave you the passion for growing lemons and oranges?

This passion was passed on to me by my grandfather, who was born at "Tesöl", birthplace of Saint Daniel Comboni. His parents were the seasonal caretakers of the lemon grove.


For years, you have produced limoncello, arancello, grapefruit drink and liqueurs for your special customers. Whose idea was this? Are your products’ recipes a family secret?

The idea came from my grandmother Anna, who has always been the cook for the hotel, offering tasty recipes and cooking secrets. She created unique liqueurs through continuous testing.



In addition to your family, do you collaborate with others?

​Of course, given the strict regulations in force in Italy. Dr. Foletto, from the historic Pharmacy of Val di Ledro, is our product finalizer.



What are your greatest satisfactions in this project?

It is seeing that our land, through our hands and our ideas, can travel to all corners of the world.


What are your goals for the future?

Our goal is to transform “organic” to “our-ganic”, with in-house products to be enjoyed only by those who come to Relax Hotel.