1000 Miglia

11-15 Juni 2024

Enzo Ferrari used to call it
"the most beautiful car race in the world"



In 1926, 1000 Miglia was the name given to an open-road race for sport and touring cars that raced over 1,000 miles from Brescia (Lombardia) to Rome (Lazio) via Firenze (Toscana) and back.

The original endurance test would finally be resurrected as a full on competitive trip across Italy, and this final incarnation of the race would remain to this day.

While the sport is still dominated by Italian cars and racers, the national pride of the race has given way to a universally shared love of automotive excellence.

Millions of sports lovers, motor enthusiasts and romantic men just wait for the 1000 Miglia in order to experience the adventure attached to it.

One will have to fight along the roads with their cars and move along narrow and cheering crowds through unknown roads.

It is said that the competitors are more than satisfied if they are able to finish the race, leave alone winning it.





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