In 1979 a man native to Limone was in hospital inmate for routine clinical tests. 
The examinations results surprised the doctors, because the cholesterol and the tryglicerideces were very high but they didn’t present any significant clinic sign, didn’t having any important damage to the arteries or to the heart.
The doctors decided to look more into the case, discovering in the patient, his father and his daughter, and later in a large number of Limone inhabitants, an anomalous protein.



Limone, a town closed between mountains and lake has always been land of boundary, isolated from the rest of the world.
This isolation condition combined with a range of lucky concurrences defined the birth of “the Elixir of life”, present in its inhabitants’ blood. The apolipoprotein A-1 is anomalous but beneficial, in fact it sweeps away quickly the fatties from arteries, it’s an extremely potent army against arteriosclerosis and infarcts.
Studies and perspectives about the apolipoproteina A-1 make it one of the most important scientific discoveries of the last decade.