The charme of Limone


Limone sul Garda is a quiet town,
situated on the north cost of Lake Garda.





Its name comes from the Latin “limen”, that means boundary.

The big tourist development which let Limone be one of the most charming and picturesque tourist destination of Lake Garda is quiet recent, it has begun in the years after the Second World War.

At one time Limone’s economy was based on olive and lemon trees cultivation and on fishing. 
Only after 1932, year in which was realized the Occidental Gardesana street, Limone opened its doors to tourism.

There was the first influx of foreign tourists, curious to discover a place, before totally isolated and eager to find an absolute relax in an exclusive natural environment. Limone has been the northest place of the world as it concern citruses production. 

Still today, walking through the streets of the historic centre, you can recognize the pillars and the walls, Limonaie’s rests, the gardens where lemons were cultivated. One of the most historic Limone’s Limonaie is that one of “Castèl”, built during the first years of 1700, today you can visit her also through guided tours.