S. Daniele Comboni

san daniele comboni

He was born in Limone in 1831, founder of Comboniani institutes, was beatified in Rome by the Pope John Paul II in S. Pietro basilica on the 17th March 1996 and sanctified on the 5th October 2003.

Comboni’s missionary work is well represented in his saying “Save Africa with Africa”, results to eyes of today extraordinary.

If you would like to know better his life and visit his birth house, you can’t certainly miss a visit to “Tesol” Comboniano Centre.


Eucharist and Mission

John Paul II 
Message of His Holiness for World Mission Sunday 2004.

"This thirst to save souls has always been strongly experienced by the Saints: it suffices to think for example of Saint Therese of Lisieux, patroness of the missions and of Bishop Comboni, great apostle of Africa whom recently I had the joy of raising to the honour of the altars. The social and religious challenges facing humanity in our day call believers to renew their missionary fervour. Yes! It is necessary to re-launch mission "ad gentes" with courage, starting with the proclamation of Christ, Redeemer of every human person."